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Non-profits, social work agencies, and government entities have often used social media solely to market to their potential clients and funders. The founder of C7Branding has combined social media with evidenced based strategies to cultivate client engagement and influence change through social media platforms.

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How We Impact Social Services through Social Media

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"Women's group among first to post International Literacy Day photos." (

Even members who are not strong readers are making progress. "When they stumble over words or don't know the definition, we're extremely patient. Some of them were so intimidated by reading out loud that we thought they couldn't read at all," Burton said. "But by the end of our sessions, they were reading. They're doing it!"

"Phenomenal: Bringing Maya Angelou's Poetry to Cleveland Single Moms" (

Conference organizer Frechic Burton , founder of the nonprofit From Lemons 2 Lemonade, reached out to Books@Work to create the session.

“We believed being able to have a table full of women expressing themselves through the pages of poetic literature could become a life-changing experience,” said Burton, who oversees Books@Work for women in East Cleveland Municipal Court. “The Books@Work session allowed single moms to share their experiences, their interpretations, and most of all, their commonalities with each other through those poetic pieces.”

"Efforts to Improve Literacy in Northeast Ohio" (NPR)

The Sound of Ideas

Author Anne Glausser

Air Date Sep. 9, 2014 at 9:00 am

Topics Education

The Sound of Ideas

Author Anne Glausser

Air Date Sep. 9, 2014 at 9:00 am

Topics Education

Tags Community


Frechic Burton , Founder of From Lemons to Lemonade and Probation Officer in the City of East Cleveland
Candice Motley, University Hospitals Employee and Participant in University Hospitals’ Bridge To Your Future program
Robert Paponetti, Executive Director, The Literacy Cooperative
Ann Kowal Smith, Executive Director, That Can Be Me, Inc. & Books@Work

"Prolific Tweeter starts support group for single parents:" (

"I've been tweeting for four years now. Long enough to be amazed at how some teens and twentysomethings find the time to post streams of profane, immature and inane stuff on Twitter. The sheer volume of it is daunting. And that's what made Frechic Burton , a 28-year-old Painesville mom of three, stand out to me."

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