Social Media Management

We will perform a full audit of your existing social media platforms to determine the best course of action to post relevant information while implementing the highest marketing efforts.


C7 will ensure relevant content is available for target audience: photos, videos, verbiage etc. We'll research and compile proper hashtags to be used in connection with the platforms you choose. We interact with current and potential clients on social media through comments, detailed information, and providing basic information about your company.

C7 Live Event

Imagine hosting your next company event and seeing real-time photos from the event scrolling on a monitor for all your guests and potential clients to see. As we take photos from your event, we will immediately post these photos to your company's page for your guests to see (and share) REAL-TIME! These photos will keep the momentum going at your event and increase your following on social media immediately!

Real-Time Professional Photos

Flatscreen Monitor 



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