Make a Payment

All of our payments are electronically debited through PayPal. By establishing a Recurring Payment with C7Branding, you are also entering into a Billing Agreement with PayPal. By entering into a Billing Agreement you are authorizing PayPal to allow C7Branding to charge you. PayPal facilitates the transaction between you and C7Branding, but does not enforce contractual obligations for payment by you or for delivery of goods or services by the merchant.


Although we fully anticipate these services to be long withstanding, we both know things happen that may cause this project to end. This contract is in effect until either party wishes to terminate. Please provide a cancellation in writing giving at least a 30 days’ notice. 

Monthly Installments customers who cancel service within the first 12 month period of this installment agreement will be required to pay the remaining balance on the 12 month agreement. Monthly Installments customers who cancel service after the first 12 month period of this installment agreement can cancel this agreement giving 30 days notice and will pay for the services up to that date.